bioavailability enhancement

overcome challenges associated with poorly soluble compounds

Poorly water-soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) pose ongoing development challenges. Common techniques to improve API solubility, such as salt formation and particle-size reduction, do not always result in the solubility levels required to achieve desired bioavailability.

Ashland pharmaceutical scientists have extensive expertise in the development and manufacture of spray-dried and hot melt-extruded solid dispersions. Over the past 15 years, our contract-services group has developed formulations for more than 100 poorly water-soluble compounds. Our Centers of Excellence in Wilmington, DE and Hyderabad, India offer proof-of-concept services using enabling technologies such as spray drying and hot-melt extrusion. In addition, Ashland’s São Paulo, Brazil technical center offers assistance in evaluating Ashland polymers for hot-melt extrusion. Ashland’s technical service scientists are also available for on-site consultations.

Let Ashland help you solve the challenges associated with poorly soluble APIs, which can enable you to:

  • Reduce development timelines and costs for improved profitability
  • Develop delivery technologies for life-cycle management
  • Bring new products to market – faster
  • Improve safety and efficacy
  • Enhance patient compliance
  • Create new methods to rejuvenate failed / discontinued products 

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