Benecel™ XR and XRF HPMC controlled release matrix formers

chemistry: Cellulosics

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Benecel™ XR and XRF are HPMC products with optimized polymer structure and particle morphology that enable the formulation of safe, effective, and robust oral solid controlled-release dosage forms. 

key features

  • finer particle size grades (XRF): are designed for even higher tablet strength and improved controlled-release profile
  • better compactibility at high tableting speed: produces robust tablets under high-throughput during large-scale tableting operations
  • optimized polymer structure and particle morphology: provides better powder flowability and improved tablet strength
  • consistent particle size distribution and bulk density: provides better powder flowability, better content uniformity, and lower tablet weight variability 
  • available at four viscosity levels: K4M, K15M, K100M, and K200M providing a wide range of dissolution profiles

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