benecel™ xr and xrf hpmc¹ controlled release matrix formers

chemistry: cellulosics

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NEW! Benecel™ XRF HPMC

Benecel™ XRF HPMC is the latest addition to the benecel™ HPMC controlled release family.  The XRF products are fine particle grades designed for optimal performance in large-scale, high speed tableting.


  • wet granulation or direct compression
  • multilayer tablets

key features and benefits

  • consistent particle size distribution and bulk density: consistent content uniformity and low tablet weight variability
  • formulations exhibit lower strain rate sensitivity enabling high throughput/ high tablet press speeds
  • superior interfacial bonding strength and layer strength produces robust multilayer controlled-release tablets
  • available at three viscosity levels providing a wide range of dissolution profiles


  • K4M: 2,700 – 5,400 2% viscosity (mPas)
  • K15M: 13,500 – 25,200 2% viscosity (mPas)
  • K100M: 75,000 – 140,000 2% viscosity (mPas)

¹ Benecel™ XR and XRF are HPMC products with optimized polymer structure and particle morphology that enable the formulation of safe, effective, and robust oral solid controlled-release dosage forms. 

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