plasdone™ povidone

chemistry: PVP polymers and VP derivatives

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Ashland offers a comprehensive range of Plasdone™ povidones (PVP). Plasdone™ povidones are a family of water-soluble polymers based on N-vinylpyrrolidone that combine a unique set of properties for application in a wide variety of dosage forms. Plasdone™ povidones are commonly used as binders for the development of tablet formulations, whether manufactured by wet granulation, dry granulation or direct compression. Plasdone™ K polymers are used in solid-dispersion formulations to enhance the solubility of active pharmaceutical ingredients and increase bioavailability.

Plasdone™ povidone C grades are supplied with low pyrogen levels and can increase solubilization or inhibit crystallization in parenteral dosage forms.

The regulatory compliance information for all Ashland products varies by product family and grade. For specific data about the grade you are interested in, please refer to our Excipient Information Package, now called PRD, and the Certificate of Analysis.

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plasdone™ povidone product grades:

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