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practical and elegant film coating solutions

Your tablet film coatings are the outward expression of your product’s quality. That’s why the Ashland team is always solving – to provide you with effective, high-quality coatings that perform in the manner you require, while also delivering the right color and functionality. 

Each of Ashland’s products is fully formulated, easily dispersed and provides a range of functions to suit almost any tablet core. Aquarius film-coating systems offer an optimum balance of film strength and adhesion, even for challenging cores and release profiles. Many of Ashland’s film coating systems are sprayable at high solid concentrations, so you can realize faster coating times and reduced energy usage. 

For greater usability, Ashland’s coating systems help deliver a smooth, defect-free appearance complete with crisp logo definition in clear, white, pearlescent or full-color formulations that can also be customized to address the unique needs of your formulation.

In the end, Ashland’s film coating systems and team of passionate, tenacious solvers are here to help you deliver pharmaceutical formulations that are more effective, more easily used, and more appealing. Here are just a few examples of the benefits Ashland’s film coatings can deliver:

  • improved adhesion
  • improved flexibility
  • moisture barrier
  • odor and taste masking
  • minimize coating time
  • address visual defects
  • controlled/delayed release

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