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New product: who cares for your confidence? sensidin™ pure skin multifunctional 

Ashland’s line of gentle deo actives is growing. Sensidin™ pure skin multifunctional is a strong and fast-acting deodorant active. It is effective against odor-causing bacteria so it combats body odor before it develops.

Deodorant users can feel insecure with an ineffective deodorant. Sensidin™ pure skin multifunctional eliminates the worry and provides self-confidence for over 48 hours. Sensidin™ pure skin multifunctional is the needed solution to encounter antimicrobial challenges on the skin – ensuring strong and fast efficacy while respecting the individual microbiome.


New product: who crushes your preservative challenges, with the power of raspberry? we do.

Phyteq™ raspberry multifunctional is the first product in our new phyteq™ range, which is a range of antimicrobial technology and protection ingredients, inspired by plants.

Phyteq™ raspberry multifunctional is available in two variations: Phyteq™ raspberry n multifunctional – natural and Phyteq™ raspberry i multifunctional.

Phyteq™ raspberry multifunctional is a multifunctional preservative booster, globally approved, readily biodegradable and based on raspberry ketone. It acts as preservative potentiator that helps protect the cosmetic against spoilage. Additional skin benefits make it an excellent choice for skin care products, as it acts as a strong antioxidant and free radical scavenger that helps to protect the elasticity of the skin.

For a better insight into our innovations and ingredients, use our preservative tool selector to help find the preservative product that meets you needs or view the videos below to see our team of Solvers showcasing the latest innovations. 




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