microbiological quality management​ (MQM)

our 360° concept to ensure the high quality of your cosmetic products

In today's world, the sustainable and responsible use of existing resources is more important than ever. Ashland’s mqm concept take a closer look to what matters: achieving holistic product safety that takes ecological and economic aspects into account. The contamination of personal care products poses potential hazard to consumers but likely results in recalls, reputation loss, downtimes, and cleaning measures in the production line.  

Hence, Ashland’s mqm concept offer a broader look on how to improve hygiene and cleaning measures, raw material quality and storage, plant design and even helps to build personnel training schemes.

Only if all relevant measures are considered the correct use of antimicrobials can be determined and limited to an essential minimum.  

key features and benefits:

  • ensure consumer and product safety
  • improve hygiene standards and raw material quality
  • minimize risks and errors throughout the entire production lifecycle
  • achieve cost savings caused by recalls and downtimes

we offer a modular system to ensure product safety according to your needs




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