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Our line of fully formulated, easily dispersed and ready-to-use Aquarius™ film coating systems have a range of functions to suit almost any core. With our wide selection of film coating choices, we can provide an optimal coating for your unique formulation. The regulatory compliance information for all Ashland products varies by product family and grade. For specific data about the grade you are interested in please refer to our Excipient Information Packages and the Certificates of Analysis (COA).

Aquarius Preferred film coating systems
Aquarius Preferred film coating systems disperse easily in water. These film coatings are applicable to both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solid dosage forms. Ashland formulators have access to an unrivaled range of cellulosic and other polymeric excipients, enabling Aquarius film coating systems to be tailored to meet exacting requirements.

To maximize the efficiency of the coating application process, high-solids loadings are desirable. By reducing the coating time using high-solids formulations, productivity is increased and overall manufacturing costs are reduced. Aquarius Preferred film coating systems are state-of-the-art immediate-release coatings, which have been scientifically formulated with careful polymer selection. High-solids cellulosic or high-solids PVP/VA formulations improve film adhesion to all substrates, especially those that offer challenges in aqueous film coating. When compared to competitive offerings, Aquarius film coating systems have proven to offer smoother, more consistent coverage even at the highest solids levels.

Clear advantages in film coating process productivity are seen with high-solids suspensions. These formulations allow the solids content of the coating system to be increased significantly (typically up to 20 percent w/w solids for pigmented coatings, and in certain cases up to 25 percent) with viscosities in the range of 100 to 300 cP.

Aquarius Prime film coating systems
Aquarius Prime film coating systems disperse easily in water and are applied to immediate-release dosage forms. Film coatings for immediate-release tablet-coating applications are typically comprised of a polymer, a plasticizer and optional pigment/opacifier. Aquarius Prime film coating systems are available in clear and white formulations off the shelf.

Aquarius Prime film coating systems can be matched to customers’ existing HPMC film coating systems. These products are useful in many applications where special coating functionality is not a major requirement. However, Ashland takes great care in formulating all film coatings in our portfolio. The selection of ingredients and ingredient levels for a formulation is a critical factor in obtaining the target appearance and performance on the tablet core and in minimizing processing problems. Optimizing a film coating formulation requires balancing critical properties, such as film strength, film adhesion, film flexibility and opacity.

Aquarius Control film coating systems
The Aquarius Control film coating systems consist of two types of coatings. Aquarius Control ENA film coating systems are delayed-release (enteric) coatings that are designed to protect active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that degrade in gastric fluid, or to prevent the release of APIs that may irritate the gastric mucosa. Aquarius Control SRX film coating systems are sustained-release coatings for APIs that are most effective when released over time.

These film coating systems have predictable and controllable release retardation; are custom-formulated based on drug solubility and desired release profile; do not require a coalescence step and have stable dissolution profiles over a wide pH range. Aquarius Control film coating systems are durable, coherent coatings, in which film formation occurs via solvent evaporation – not latex coalescence – and film robustness is related to the use of a high-molecular weight polymer.

Aquarius Control SRX film coating systems are solvent-dispersible ethylcellulose (EC) coatings for multiparticulates, potentially modified with hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) as a pore former. They are available in several different porosities that can be matched to drug solubility and/or desired release profile. A key benefit of Aquarius Control SRX film coating systems is that they do not require curing after coating.

The release profiles of tablets enteric coated with Aquarius Control ENA film coating systems are remarkably stable over periods of up to 12 months, even under accelerated stability testing.

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