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chemistry: film coating systems

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Pharmaceutical tablet film coatings are thin layers applied to the tablet’s surface of tablets, providing various functional or aesthetic advantages. These coatings can be customized to achieve specific properties, depending on formulation requirements.

Uses for film coatings systems include:

  • controlled or modified release
  • enhanced stability
  • easier swallowing
  • improved appearance
  • masking taste and odor
  • identification and branding
  • process efficiency

Ashland film coatings formulators have access to an unrivaled range of cellulosic and other polymeric excipients, enabling aquarius™ film coating systems to be tailored to meet exacting requirements. These excipients are available in a broad range of colors and are also offered in TiO2-free versions.

Ashland offers nine fully formulated aesthetic and functional film coatings systems including: 

aquarius™ genesis film coatings system that delivers a flawless, even finish at ultra-high solids, with high adhesion, smoothness, and faster processing time in both batch and continuous coating equipment

aquarius™ prime film coatings system that disperses easily for immediate release and easy aqueous dispersion + aquarius™ prime LS film coating system with higher solids load

aquarius™ preferred film coatings system that provides high solids loading for shorter process time thus maximizing efficiency

aquarius™ PVA fully formulated, dry blend film coating systems based on poly vinyl alcohol that enables attractive finishes with high film adhesion for clean, crisp appearance

aquarius™ protect film coatings system that is a premium multi-functional barrier for moisture protection, taste and odor masking

aquarius™ nutra tf film coatings system specifically designed for nutritional, food and dietary supplements for health-conscious coating choices

aquarius™ tf film coatings system for formulation alternatives that give TiO2-free opacity, brightness and aesthetics 

aquarius™ control film coating systems is available for either enteric, sustained, or controlled release, enhance performance characteristics and maximize product quality

aquarius™ organic film coating system is a clear, fully formulated, certified organic and non-GMO project-verified aqueous film coating system.

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aquarius™ genesis film coating systems

aquarius™ organic film coating systems

aquarius™ preferred film coating systems

aquarius™ prime film coating systems

aquarius™ protect film coating systems

aquarius™ pva film coating systems

aquarius™ tf film coating systems

aquarius™ nutra tf film coating systems

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