aquarius™ tf film coating systems

chemistry: film coatings

chemical name: hypromellose / PVA / copovidone

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Aquarius™ TF film coatings systems are versatile coating systems with improved performance characteristics that maximize product quality and enhance processing efficiency. Opacity will not be comparable to TiO2 based formulations at the same use level. Photostability of tablet cores coated with a TiO2-free white film coating system will be challenging. Exact color matches to existing formulations containing TiO2 may not be possible (as color adjustments can be difficult) and would require a broader color variation specification (> 3 ∆E CMC units). Higher weight gain is required to provide uniform and complete coverage in many cases.

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features and benefits
  • replacements for titanium dioxide in film coatings for diverse film coating systems
  • formulated to meet requirements for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solid dosage forms as well as food and dietary supplements
  • meets general purpose film coating requirements
  • good film strength and adequate film adhesion characteristics 
  • able to address common film coating problems

  • film coating
  • film former

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