aquarius™ preferred film coating systems

chemistry: film coatings

chemical name: hypromellose / copovidone

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Aquarius™ Preferred film coating systems are state-of-the-art immediate-release coatings scientifically formulated with careful polymer selection. Unlike some film coating formulations based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) these formulations do not become tacky during or after application. Clear advantages in film coating process productivity are seen with high-solids suspensions. These formulations allow the solids content of the coating system to be increased significantly (typically up to 20% w/w solids for pigmented coatings, and in certain cases up to 25%) with viscosities in the range of 100–300 cP.

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features and benefits
  • cost and energy savings
  • minimizes moisture ingress to tablets
  • reduces exposure of tablet cores to stressful process conditions
  • lower process temperatures for aqueous coatings
  • improved tablet appearance
  • increased film adhesion to difficult-to-coat tablet cores
  • expanded opportunities for using continuous coating processes

  • film coating
  • film former

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