aquarius™ pva film coating systems

chemistry: film coatings

chemical name: poly (vinyl alcohol) copolymers

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Aquarius™ PVA film coating systems are based on poly (vinyl alcohol) copolymers and offer high film adhesion and a good appearance. Formulated for a wide variety of pharmaceutical and nutritional applications, Aquarius™ PVA are versatile coating systems with improved performance characteristics that maximize product quality and enhance processing efficiency.

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features and benefits
  • attractive appearance and finish: formulation polymer allows for low viscosity application and optimum atomization leading to enhanced film uniformity and superior surface characteristics
  • high film adhesion: produces robust tablets better suited to withstand physical stresses associated with manufacturing and packaging
  • clean crisp logos: optimum rheology, wetting, and spreading combined with high film adhesion provides superior logo definition and overall product appearance
  • moisture and oxygen barrier functionalities: improves product stability by protecting the API and reducing ingredient interactions related to environmental conditions
  • enhanced processing efficiencies: application at up to 20% solids leads to reduced coating times, increased production capacity, and lower manufacturing cost
  • clear and pigmented options that can be color-matched: fully formulated coating systems suitable for a wide variety of pharmaceutical and nutritional oral solid dosage forms

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