aquarius™ genesis film coating systems

chemistry: film coatings

chemical name: HPMC / HPC / copovidone / polydextrose

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Aquarius™ Genesis film coating systems are designed for application at up to 35% solids, which can significantly increase the productivity of continuous or traditional batch-based coating equipment. Aquarius™ Genesis film coating systems are formulated to provide a strong film with high adhesion and a smooth appearance.

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features and benefits
  • higher solids: can be applied at up to 35% solids with typical viscosities in the 100-300 mPa∙s range
  • faster processing times: up to 65% reduction in coating processing time, increased manufacturing capacity in existing equipment, lower capital investment of new coating lines, and lower energy cost
  • lower processing temperatures: provides protection to heat-sensitive APIs or to tablet formulations with dissolution characteristics negatively affected by normal (higher) aqueous coating process temperatures
  • improved coverage: enables lower weight loadings that can result in reduced raw material cost
  • non-tacky coating system: prevents surface-to-surface interactions known to be problematic during product packaging

  • film coating
  • film former

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