aquarius™ protect film coating systems

chemistry: film coatings

chemical name: HPMC / natural wax / PVA

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Aquarius™ Protect film coating systems are the premium multi-functional barrier coating systems that effectively reduce moisture uptake and mask against offensive taste and odor. Aquarius™ Protect multifunctional coating systems are fully formulated, ready-mixed systems that disperse quickly in water or other solvents. Clear coatings can be sprayed at 10–12% solids, and white and colors can be sprayed up to 20% solids while remaining non-tacky and achieving significant process savings. These coating systems, composed of cellulose derivatives and a natural wax blend, provide superior barrier properties, and efficient processing and flexibility without compromising drug release. Aquarius™ Protect MB film coating systems are fully formulated, ready-to-mix, high solids moisture barrier coatings based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). In addition to improved productivity from high solids and low viscosity, these coating systems provide an attractive, glossy appearance and clear crisp logos. To reduce impurity concerns, this system was developed without polyethylene glycol (PEG). Aquarius™ Protect and Protect MB film coating systems have easy and efficient application using standard spray equipment and process conditions. All ingredients have FDA and EU direct food additive and/or Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status. Compliance for specific formulations is listed on the certificate of analysis.

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features and benefits
  • superior barrier protection for use in dietary supplements looking to prevent black spots in multivitamins
  • very effective under environmental conditions defined as zones 4 & 5 by stability guidelines
  • can be processed at low temperatures and provide energy savings

  • film coating
  • film former

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