Benecel™ methylcellulose and hypromellose

Chemistry: Cellulosics

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Benecel™ methylcellulose and hypromellose (hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose or HPMC) are versatile excipients with a variety of applications.

High-viscosity grades are widely used in hydrophilic matrix controlled-release systems. Low-viscosity grades are used as the primary film former in tablet coatings and vegetarian capsule formulations, and are a common wet-granulation tablet binder.

Hypromellose is used as a solid dispersions solubilizer in spray-dried or melt-extruded formulations.

Custom intermediate-molecular weight grades

Achieving a desired drug-release profile has traditionally involved blends of different molecular weights of particular polymers. Blending can increase release-profile variability. Benecel K250 PH PRM, K750 PH PRM and K1500 PH PRM HPMC were developed to obviate the need for blending and offer a potential solution to the problem of dissolution variability.

Directly compressible grades

Directly compressible (DC) grades enable controlled-release formulations with the convenience of the most widely used tablet binding mechanism. These Benecel DC HPMC grades offer good powder flow, content uniformity and compressibility, making them well suited for direct compression.

The regulatory compliance information for all Ashland products varies by product family and grade. For specific data about the grade you are interested in please refer to our Excipient Information Package and the Certificate of Analysis (COA).

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