Aquarius™ nutra organic film coating systems

Aquarius™ nutra organic is a clear, fully formulated, certified organic and non-GMO compliant, aqueous film coating system. It is made with non-allergenic, label-friendly ingredients to provide an alternative to animal-derived, shellac-based systems.

features and benefits

  • USDA certified organic
  • vegetarian, kosher and halal certified
  • exceptional gloss
  • improved slip for ease of swallowing
  • prevents dusting versus uncoated tablets

Ashland also offers a range of organic ingredients for the dietary supplement industry including:

  • nutrapress™ bnd organic tablet binder
  • nutrapress™ chw organic system for chewable tablets
  • soy-free gpm™ fermented nutrients
  • aloe vera powders and liquids

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