Aquarius™ nutra TF (titanium dioxide free) film coating systems

who is brilliant with TiO2? we are. 

Aquarius™ nutra TF is a fully formulated, immediate release, aqueous film coating system made specifically for nutritional and dietary supplement products.

Due to the re-evaluation of TiO2 (E171) as a food additive in the European Union, Ashland developed titanium dioxide free film coating formulations. Aquarius™ nutra TF is a TiO2-free film coating system that provides a comparable white film coating for oral solid tablet forms. Aquarius™ nutra TF aqueous film coating systems are available in white and a wide variety of pigmented options.

features and benefits

  • available in clear, white, or pigmented (synthetic or naturally derived color) versions
  • white coatings have comparable brightness to TiO2-based coatings
  • attractive appearance and finish
  • clean, crisp logo definition
  • available in a wide range of solids applications (10% to 30%) and polymer-based options

Aquarius™ nutra TF is just one of our many film coating systems.  We have coatings that provide a range of functional and aesthetic benefits including modified release, moisture protection, odor and taste masking and process efficiency.

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