who creates long-lasting, comfortable cosmetics? we do.

Formulas that stand up to an active lifestyle. Exciting new sensory experiences. Color cosmetics require quick solutions to developing novel, on-trend formulas without compromising performance or comfort.

Explore the benefits of our functional polymers in color cosmetic foundations, blushes, lipsticks, mascaras, brow products, and eyeshadows.  

Antaron™ soja glyceride - powerful mineral & pigment dispersal properties

key ingredients

Ashland’s unique multi-functional film formers and thickeners for color cosmetic formulations

functional polymers for film forming, waterproofing, and thickening

  • antaron™ soja glyceride - nature-derived, biodegradable film former for water, wear, and transfer resistance to color cosmetics that delivers outstanding pigment dispersal benefits

  • natrathix™ bio cellulose - nature-derived, biodegradable thickening and suspension agent that delivers rheology and formulation stability to color cosmetics

  • ceraphyl™ esters-  extensive range of emollients that provide makeup formulas with sensory distinction, from initial product application to residual 

  • antaron™/ganex™ polymers - film formers for long-lasting wear and water resistance and pigment dispersion stability

  • aquastyle™ SH-100 polymer - film former and conditioner with natural feel

  • allianz™ OPT polymer - water-soluble film former

  • flexithix™ polymer - thickener for bouncy and jelly-like textures

  • ultrathix P-100 polymer - pigment-suspending thickener that enhances stability 

  • aqualon™ EC ethylcellulose - oil-soluble film former with slight thickening abilities



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