culminal™ methylcellulose derivatives

chemistry: cellulosics

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Culminal methylcellulose (MC) derivatives are cellulose ethers that, when dissolved in water, offer a variety of functional properties. Culminal products are powders used as thickeners, protective colloids, stabilizers, suspending aids and water-retention agents in many industrial applications.

Culminal™ products are ethers of cellulose and either methylchloride, ethylene oxide or propylene oxide. The Culminal™ cellulose derivatives have been designated as follows:

• Culminal™ MC - methylcellulose
• Culminal™ MHEC - methylhydroxyethylcellulose
• Culminal™ MHPC - methylhydroxypropylcellulose

Applications : advanced ceramics, adhesives, emulsions, metal processing, mineral slurries, mining, paper coatings, paint removers, pulp & paper, suspension polymerization, tobacco

These water-soluble polymers are made from cellulose, which is the primary cell wall of green plants and the most abundant naturally occurring polymer on Earth.

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