aerowhip™ 630 foam stabilizer

chemistry: cellulosics

ingredient name: hydroxypropylcellulose

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AeroWhip™ 630 stabilizer is a premier whipping agent designed for optimizing non-dairy whipped toppings (NDWT) and plant-based creams. With its low surface and interfacial tensions in solution, AeroWhip™ 630 stabilizer promotes and stabilizes foams. AeroWhip™ 630 stabilizer also facilitates fat structure for a cost-effective, creamy, and firm texture with smooth mouthfeel. AeroWhip™ 630 stabilizer is suitable for either ultra-high temperature (UHT) processing or pasteurized applications.

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features and benefits
  •  stiff, durable foams
  • high stiffness, high overrun foams
  • superior body and mouthfeel
  • look, handling and feel of dairy cream
  • low shrinkage
  • controls syneresis
  • stabilizes lower fat systems
  • creates strong, elastic bubbles
  • decreases whipping time
  • creates shelf-stable emulsions

  • non-dairy whipped toppings 
  • UHT or pasteurized creams
  • full fat toppings
  • reduced fat toppings
  • premium decoration foams
  • pre-whipped toppings
  • freeze-thaw stable toppings
  • dairy and hybrid dairy creams
  • dilution tolerant concentrates
  • protein-free toppings
  • instant powder mixes

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Asia Pacific / China / Europe Middle East & Africa / Latin America / North America

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sustainability features

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