benecel™ mx 100 methylcellulose

who enables large scale production of plant-based burgers? we do.

Benecel™ mx 100 methylcellulose is Ashland’s most recent innovation for alternative protein applications. Benecel™ mx 100 methylcellulose is a remarkably high viscosity grade of methylcellulose that provides texture and structure to satisfying meat alternative products and is suitable for high-speed, large-scale production. Whether you’re formulating plant-based burgers or producing them in high volume, benecel™ mx 100 methylcellulose is the ingredient you need for a desirable product consumers want.

Methylcellulose is commonly used in meat alternative applications to improve texture and binding. During cooking, benecel™ mx 100 methylcellulose creates a gel that provides a firm meat-like texture which remains as the product cools to eating temperatures. Thermal gelation is a unique property of methylcellulose, a functionality unmatched by any other hydrocolloid. 

features and benefits of benecel™ mx 100 methylcellulose:

  • very high viscosity creates a firmer emulsion versus lower viscosity grades
  • develops very high viscosity quickly for improved processing
  • superior thermal gelling resulting in a firm, meat-like texture
  • low gelling temperature provides a firm, meat-like texture
  • heat stability enables shape retention during cooking
  • improves binding and moisture retention for alternative protein applications

benecel™ methylcellulose grades

benecl mx 100 table final.jpg

In 2020, benecel™ mx methylcellulose won an American Chemistry Council award for sustainably addressing the growing popularity of plant-based foods and meat alternatives and Ashland’s benecel™ mx manufacturing site in Belgium was recognized for decreasing the environmental impacts of its operations through initiatives that have helped reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and conserve water.

Ashland’s expertise while responsibly solving customers’ nutrition and nutraceutical challenges supports people in their quest for healthier life choices. 

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Benecel™ mx 100 methylcellulose broadens our portfolio of methylcellulose products for alternative protein applications.
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