benecel™ mx modified cellulose

chemistry: cellulosics

for plant based foods

The growing popularity of plant based foods and meat alternatives has spurred innovation in end applications, ingredients and textures. Although products are usually suitable for vegetarian or vegans, they may also appeal to a wider audience. Some of the broader motivations for eating plant based proteins include those seeking variety in their diet, concern for animal welfare, allergen avoidance, a desire to reduce the amount of meat that they consume or taste preference.

The right hydrocolloid helps you deliver a product with the desired eating quality and texture. Because of their versatility, hydrocolloidscan help deliver sensory and functional benefits. Formulators use hydrocolloids to replicate the bite of a meat-based product, improve moisture retention, improve binding or help replace an allergic binder, like eggs.

Some applications require low temperature gelling properties. That’s why we developed Benecel™ MX modified cellulose (methylcellulose). Benecel™ MX modified cellulose is specially formulated for meat alternative and vegetable-based applications. It can provide a firm bite for products meant to simulate meat products, binding to replace eggs, and can help retain moisture to provide an enjoyable eating experience.

features and benefits:

Benecel™ MX modified cellulose creates a thermo-reversible gel

  • unique grade of modified cellulose gels at ~40°C
  • regular grades gel at 50–60°C

Benecel™ MX modified cellulose exhibits high viscosity

  • 2% MC in water has 37,500 - 70,000 mPa∙s viscosity
  • provides binding and helps formulations hold shape at cold temperatures

modified cellulose is plant-derived

  • suitable for vegan applications

molecular structure has hydrophilic and hydrophobic areas

  • stabilizes fat and water to retain moisture in finished product
  • optional replacement of fat with water

Benecel™ MX modified cellulose can replicate a solid fat with liquid oils

  • facilitates formula and cost flexibility

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