Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands

As part of the Zwijndrecht’s ongoing STEM-program, 3rd year VMBO students of Technical School LOKET visited the Zwijndrecht location. During a plant tour the students were introduced to various aspects of the HEC production process. The students were toured the production facilities to learn about the equipment used for chemical processes and the instruments to control the process. Next, they learned about the maintenance of the equipment and instrumentation and finally they showed them how quality control of the final product works and performed some basic tests on product properties themselves. At the end of the visit, participant agreed that the visit was very worthwhile.

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Zwijndrecht intern earns Ashland full-time position - A first for the Operator C Training

Because of Ashland's Responsible Solvers program, the Zwijndrecht plant in the Netherlands hired a former intern as an incoming field technician in September. Rick Kroll joined Ashland after completing two internships. In 2021, he completed his first "operator C" internship in his third year at the Da Vinci College in Dordrecht. After completing this internship, the school permitted him to do his final training at Ashland. 

"This is exceptional because normally, students must complete their internships within different companies," said Matthias den Otter, shift leader. In addition to his position, Rick worked during the holiday and became thoroughly acquainted with all the teams. "He made a positive impression, not only within the teams but throughout the organization."

During his final internship, Kroll worked on an improvement proposal for the new packing machines. He returned in the summer of 2023 for holiday work, an operator position on a day shift. 

"Because I worked a day shift, I came into contact with all the teams in production; it was a nice experience to work with every team and get to know the company even better," said Kroll. "I have proudly been a permanent employee at Ashland Zwijndrecht since September 1, 2023."