Alizay, France

In Alizay, in France, the regional UIC detection of engineering student has teamed up with the Ashland team to provide a 3 to 6 months internship to students.

This project came to life with a high school located in the region within the scientific and chemical field (final year of high school). Thanks to this, the students secured an internship in Ashland premises via a well-structured mentoring system (lab & process technician). This has helped preventing turnover via the recruitment of some of these students.  

In February 2022, these high-school students had taken their exams and they have all passed thanks to the collaboration with Ashland.

Working at the Alizay plant allows to get financial bonus to employees using bicycle as a means of transport. This entices employees to green transportation and underscore the importance of sport in our lives.

france 3.png