Doel, Belgium

Thanks to the collaboration with Sira, an important training center, located in Antwerp, the Ashland team were able to set up a training for not-qualified people aged between 18-25 years old (“second chance school”). This long and solid partnership has been built since 1989 and led to a strong social engagement.

By virtue of this program, Ashland has contributed to 0,20% of gross salary per year.

Program which is planned as follow:

  • weekly: 2 days interns onsite + 3 days school
  • trainee is on-site helped by a dedicated process operator (“buddy”) and training coordinator 

Being part of this program has generated real benefits not only for Ashland but also the trainees. 

For example, over the last ten year, in addition to the strong social engagement built, 12 students were hired as process operators. For the interns, this allows them to be qualified so they can embrace a career as a process operator and work in the Antwerp chemical industry.