PSR™ technology, a breakthrough technology

Plant small RNAs: essential epigenetic regulator

It is only since the 90’s that small RNAs have been proven to be key epigenetic regulators: modify the activation of certain genes, but not the genetic code sequence of DNA. 

They play a crucial role in gene expression modulation and are involved in all physiological process:

  • growth and plant morphology
  • resistance to gravity
  • differentiation of the flower, reproduction
  • resistance to environmental stress

Plants have no mobility and cannot escape unfavorable environments.

During their life cycles, plants constantly need to resist to environmental stresses to ensure their development and reproduction.

The resistance of plants, their capacity of survival, is supported by fine epigenetic regulation, thanks to small RNAs that can rapidly regulate plant gene expression to enable adaptation to stress and environment.

PSR technology is based on a natural-derived extractive aqueous ionic solution

Polar nature of the extractive solution allowed step by step enrichment of water-soluble phytocompounds such as amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, organic acids, polyphenols and of course small RNAs. 

As well as compounds that are not usually found in classical water solvent extraction.

Access to monomeric form of complex phytomolecules provided better efficacy on skin.