Polyplasdone™ crospovidone

chemistry: PVP polymers and VP derivatives

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Polyplasdone™ crospovidone superdisintegrants are synthetic, insoluble, but rapidly swellable, crosslinked homopolymers of N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone. Crospovidone provides rapid disintegration and dissolution to oral solid dosage forms. Polyplasdone crospovidone particles are granular and porous compared with other superdisintegrants. The high surface area combined with unique chemistry results in high interfacial activity that enhances the dissolution of poorly soluble drugs in a way that is not possible with other disintegrant technologies.

Polyplasdone™ Ultra and Ultra-10 crospovidones meet the ultimate standard for purity and quality.  These grades are chemically and morphologically identical to Polyplasdone™ XL crospovidone, Type A and Polyplasdone™ XL-10 crospovidone, Type B, respectively.  However, Polyplasdone™ Ultra and Ultra-10 crospovidones have significantly lower peroxide specifications, representing the next generation of high-quality pharmaceutical excipients.


  • Peroxide sensitive APIs
  • Orally disintegrating tablets (ODT)
  • Tablets that require fast disintegration
  • With poorly soluble APIs
  • With poorly compressible APIs

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