who unbottles beauty? we do.

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Ashland’s un-Bottling Beauty™ (ubb™) concept describes how Ashland is creating ingredients and formulations that minimize impact on our planet. We have created a range of enabling ingredients and product formulations that help the formulator to create more eco conscious consumer habits and create more sustainable solutions for the personal care industry. 

Find our sustainabie solutions for hair care and oral care


hair care


nourishing oils (conditioner and styler)
These super-concentrated hair care formulations harness the natural power of plant oils.  Based on butters and oils such as shea and argan, these formulations deliver outstanding results from a compact package.

Ashland ingredients

  • Aqualon™ EC N-200 PC ethylcellulose – nature-derived, oil soluble film-former and thickener that imparts excellent shine and humidity resistance to hair as well as structure to the bar.
  • Styleze™ ES-1 polymer – COSMOS-validated, nature-derived polymer that delivers voluminous style for bouncy, defined waves and curls.
  • Benecel™ K200M HPMC – a nature-derived, vegan-suitable thickener, from sustainable cellulose, that provides a creamy foam and prevents cracking of bar.


  • Ubb™ nourishing oils hair conditioner bar
  • Ubb™ nourishing oils styling wax balm
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deeply cleansing/deeply caring (shampoo and conditioner)
These super-concentrated shampoos and conditioner bars provide the yin and yang of mild but deep cleansing and caring conditioning to leave your hair deeply delightful.

Ashland ingredients:

  • Prolipid™ 161 lamellar gel - nature-derived and biodegradable, this lamellar gel offers superior conditioning, excellent wet and dry combability.
  • Conarom™ b aromatic preservative - a multifunctional additive, with a gentle flowery-to-spicy fragrance, that provides broad antimicrobial protection with a combination of naturally-derived and nature-identical ingredients.
  • Surfadone™ lp-300 wetting agent - boost the cleaning efficacy of sulfate-free surfactants with this biodegradable and nature-derived wetting agent for clean-feeling and soft hair.


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2-in-1 (conditioning shampoo)
This super-concentrated formulation combines steps in the hair care process to save water and energy

Ashland ingredients


  • Ubb™ 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo beauty bar
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oral care


chewable tablet for a clean and refreshed mouth
This eco-friendly, water-free toothpaste tablets cleans teeth, prevents cavities and freshens breath.

Ashland ingredients

  • Klucel nutra™ modified cellulose – Derived from sustainable cellulose, this directly compressible tablet binder creates tablets with high breaking force and low friability. 


  • ubb™ eco toothpaste tablet

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