ProLipid™ 161 lamellar gel

Chemistry: Lamellar gels

INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Behenyl Alcohol (and) Hydroxyethyl Cetearamidopropyldimonium Chloride

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ProLipid™ 161 lamellar gel is a structurizing ingredient composed of vegetal-based amphiphilic compounds that enhances formulation texture and stability. The cetearyl and behenyl alcohols function as an emulsion stabilizer, binder, viscosity-increasing agent and opacifying agent. The hydroxyethyl cetearamidopropyldimonium chloride is the quaternary compound providing antistatic properties and super-conditioning benefits.

ProLipid 161 lamellar gel has superior conditioning benefits in both leave-on and rinse-off products. It is suitable for treatment applications targeting damaged and chemically treated hair. In rinse-out applications, it delivers a soft feel and allows for effortless wet and dry combing.

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