Culminal™ Plus

Chemistry: Cellulosics

Culminal Plus is a product line, which clearly focuses on new trends in the tile industry … large format tiles.

To fix large format tiles it is essential to have an excellent adhesive transfer. Skin formation on the adhesive surface can start pretty quickly and is even accelerated by unfavorable climatic conditions like high temperature, low humidity and high air circulation. The effect can be reduced strength or even complete loss of strength. Tile adhesives meeting the standards under normed conditions in the laboratory often fail in practice. Culminal Plus extends the visual open time and delays unwanted film formation or drying out of the surface.

Culminal Plus largely provides long visual open and excellent adhesive transfer and gives additional security.

Products with different viscosity and modification levels are available depending on the final product requirements in terms of workability, water demand as well as sag resistance required.



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