Culminal™ Plus methylcellulose

chemistry: cellulosics

largely provides long visual open and excellent adhesive transfer and gives additional security

What is Culminal™ plus methylcellulose?

Culminal™ plus methylcellulose product line focuses on fixing large format tiles in order to reach an excellent adhesive transfer applicable to many formulations.

Why choose Culminal™ plus methylcellulose?

This solution revolutionizes the tile industry, not only to help you strongly adhere your large format tiles but also:

  • improve “adhesive transfer”
  • help adhesive stay wet and workable
  • extend the open time at longer embedding times
  • give better fraction pattern after pull-off
  • gain additional insurance and security under practice conditions

By incorporating Culminal™ plus methylcellulose into your formulations, your products will:

  • delay unwanted film formation or drying of the surface caused by unfavorable climatic conditions (like high temperature, low humidity and high air circulation)
  • allow for different viscosities and modification levels (depending on the final product requirements in terms of workability, water demand as well as sag resistance required)

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Ashland has developed a wide range of cellulosic products to offer you the best workable attachment for your cementitious (tile) adhesives:

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