new girls dormitory

Ashland empowers girl students by facilitating a new dormitory at Dhundalwadi village, Maharashtra

Ashland India inaugurated girls’ dormitory in Dhundalwadi village, enabling improved   quality of education to the students. Ashland collaborated with the NGO, Rotary Club of Juhu, to reconstruct the dormitory, further strengthening our commitment towards environment and social impacts from the company’s recently announced Responsible Solvers™ program. Ashland reconstructed the boys’ dormitory in 2019. This initiative has positively impacted the lives of 550 tribal students.  

The girls’ dormitory boarding 200 students had weakened due to frequent earthquakes. Solvers visited the site and emphasized the need to construct a new dormitory. Fueled by the company’s commitment to gender equality, Ashland India made the decision to refurbish the girl’s dormitory.

The girl's dormitory is a brand-new structure consisting of 3300 sq. feet (110 feet X 30 feet), that includes 2 dormitory rooms with 72 bunk beds (3 tiers) & one toilet/ shower block. We have also helped built 10 new toilets, 10 bathrooms and a hand wash station.

“As part of our ESG program, we are supporting initiatives that are improving STEM skills and education,” said Nelson Corda, general manager, life sciences, Asia Pacific, Ashland. “We are happy we can empower these children from the backward section of the society. Our ESG plan helps encourage further learning shaping positive and long-lasting changes in the communities.”

More than a year ago, Ashland integrated environment, social and governance (ESG) principles into the company’s strategic operating plans. The company has taken an earnest and heartfelt approach towards sustainability and the local communities in which it operates as it continues to intensify its focus on ESG.

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