Ashland has developed in-house biodegradation testing capabilities. We are able to inform our customers of the biodegradation profiles of our materials/products and make the following distinctions:

Beginning three years ago, Ashland has tested more than 100 samples applying one of the various OECD validated “screening” assessments. More than half of our final products or R&D formulations in the personal care market, and more than 30 for industrial and energy applications have undergone this process. Ashland’s commitment to biodegradation testing and products has led us to partnerships with several of our customers, both to share knowledge and refine each other’s understanding of sustainability and environmental impacts. Consequently, we have been able to collaborate on specific projects that meet our customers’ needs for developing formulations with enhanced biodegradation profiles. Our internal testing capabilities allows us to quickly determine the best solutions for these new technologies. 

biodegradation testing equipment at our Bradford, UK research and development (R&D) facility

sust biodegradatiion pg image.jpg


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