Having a secure workplace is an expectation for all employees, contractors and visitors, and at Ashland this is taken very seriously. The Ashland Security and Environmental, Health and Safety group works to ensure workplace security vulnerabilities are recognized and addressed. Security is part of everything we do, not in addition to the things we do.

Ashland works with the American Chemistry Council (ACC), the Responsible Care Security Code and the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) to develop and understand potential security vulnerabilities at chemical manufacturing sites. In addition, chemical manufacturers globally are highly regulated for security effectiveness in preventing terrorist activities. These partnerships ensure the best possible plans for preventing and responding to any security event.

Ashland employs several state-of-the-art technologies, communications and administrative controls to prevent our sites from becoming a terrorist target. Among these are security vulnerability analyses (SVA) which are needed to identify potential weaknesses that would allow unintended access to people and assets. Interacting with government officials and other industry leaders allows Ashland to stay current with potential threats, preventive and counter measures.

Annually, Ashland reaffirms its commitment to the ACC Security Code to demonstrate that we have implemented appropriate measures to address facility, cyber and transportation/value chain security. Additionally, through third party independent audits our facilities are evaluated to confirm our security policies and practices.

All of these efforts are in place so that everyone at an Ashland site can come to work safe and secure, today and every day.


Now in its fourth decade of existence, the 1-800-ASHLAND program has evolved into the backbone of Ashland's 24/7 central reporting program. For global 1-800-ASHLAND phone numbers.


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