captivates™ encapsulates

chemistry: encapsulates

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With multiple encapsulation technology capabilities, Ashland develops custom encapsulates tailored to meet the needs of your formulation.

captivates™ hc encapsulates

Captivates™ hc encapsulates are a series of small particles, in sizes ranging from 250 µm to 3,000 µm, that contain an active ingredient, or core material, surrounded by a shell produced using a complex coacervation process.  Capsule wall thickness, color, capsule size and core material can be customized.

key benefits:

  • biodegradable wait and nature-derived
  • based on gelatin and Gum Arabic
  • suitable for a wide range of oil soluble materials
  • releases internal phase when shear is applied
  • visible and non-visible

captivates™ gl encapsulates

Captivates™ gl encapsulates are a series of small particles, in sizes ranging from 5 µm to 2,000 µm, that contain material dispersed in a continuous matrix. These microbeads are made using JettCutter™ technology, which forms a hydrogel matrix that can entrap insoluble powders, oils and water-soluble actives.

key benefits:

  • vegan suitable
  • biodegradable and up to 100% natural origin content¹
  • utilizes a natural hydrogel matrix
  • suitable for solids, oils and insoluble material
  • triggered delivery by pH, dilution and shear
  • visible

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skin care applications:

  • hand, face and body washes
  • exfoliating cleansers and scrubs
  • creams and lotions
  • after-shave gels
  • foundation and tinted moisturizers
  • bronzers
  • liquid lipsticks
  • after sun gels and lotions

¹depends on the individual ingredients and technology selected. Natural origin calculated by ISO standard 16128-2:2017. Naturally-derived is defined as 50-99% natural origin content by the ISO standard. Natural is defined as 100% natural origin by the ISO standard.




sustainability features

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