who keeps you clear of maskne? we do.

Wearing a mask throughout the day as well as the stress of living in a global pandemic can lead to increased acne, blemishes and skin irritation. It’s called maskne and yes, it is a real thing.

The key to fighting back against maskne is to cleanse and protect the skin. Ashland solvers have developed a range of formulations to prevent and treat blemishes as well as soothe, moisturize and nourish skin with natural and natural-derived ingredients. The formulations optimize the delivery and deposition of actives; address formulating challenges: improve sensorial textures and provide additional skin benefits. Find out how our portfolio of ingredients can create gentle and effective formulations to keep skin looking its best.

key ingredients:

for sensory and texture  
aqualon™/blanose CMC
nature-derived, COSMOS-validated thickener for aqueous system provides slip, improves formulation mildness and contributes to products after-feel. 
PHC21 nature-derived icon gray.jpg
benecel ™ HPMC 
efficient rheology modifiers derived from sustainably sourced cellulose that improves formulation mildness and enhances foam quality for a better sensory experience
PHC21 nature-derived icon.jpg 
polysurf™ 67 CS HMHEC
nature-derived thickener that provides luxurious rub-in, supports emulsion stability, and contributes to the cushiony finish
PHC21 nature-derived icon gray.jpg
for moisturization  
lubrajel* marine hydrogel 
nature-derived, COSMOS-validated, multifunctional sensory enhancer and moisturizer that provides slip with a fresh feeling during application and a matte, powdery after feel
PHC21 nature-derived icon gray.jpg
prolipid lamellar gel 
nature-derived, COSMOS-validated, biodegradable lamellar gels that mimics stratum corneum lipids, moisturizes, reinforces the skin barrier, and can deliver actives from a rinse off system
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for skin benefits  
cb2-skin™ biofunctional
natural, COSMOS-validated unique skin cannaboid receptor 2 (CB2) activator with instant-calming, relaxing and age-defying skin benefits
PHC21 natural icon gray.jpg 
elixiance™ biofunctional 
a natural and sustainable pink pepper tree extract associated with skin purifying and age-perfecting benefits, for fresher, younger looking skin.
PHC21 natural icon.jpg
lipigenine™ SP biofunctional 
a natural flax seed extract designed for skin barrier function, skin soothing and effective balance of the skin microbiome
PHC21 natural icon gray.jpg
puraloe™ organic FFL aloe vera
high purity, COSMOS-validated, biodegradable, traceable, organically and responsibly sourced from field-to-market, Fair for Life certified aloe vera with well recognized skin benefits
PHC21 nature-derived icon.jpg
rosaliss™ biofunctional 
100% natural extract of Rosa centifolia for perfecting skin texture, skin tone and blemishes with vegetal prebiotic and postbiotic effect
PHC21 natural icon gray.jpg
vital et™ biofunctional
unique bioavailable Vitamin E phosphate for skin multi-rescue and visible effect on soothing redness and reducing shape of spots

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who keeps you clear of maskne? we do.
date: Thursday 25th February 2021
time: 4pm Paris time / 10am NYC
Join Ashland’s live webinar and hear from our expert formulation solvers as they talk about a range of formulations to prevent and treat blemishes as well as soothe, moisturize and nourish skin affected by maskne, using natural and natural-derived ingredients.

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    micellar rosewater
    purifying cleanser
    urban renewal cleansing balm


    balance and clear toner
    stop breakout cream


    blemish soothing moisturizer
    fresh face soothing fluid
    probiome lightweight lotion