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To consumers, bath and shower products represent more than the need to cleanse. In times of stress and uncertainty, consumers have long sought refuge and relaxation from bath and shower products. Innovative bath products that go beyond basic cleansing can transform showering and bathing into a more stimulating experience. Bath products that help to relax the body and mind can be simple wellness solutions. Clean beauty and ethical, sustainable products address the growing environmental awareness of consumers.

Organized around the driving themes in the Bath and Shower market, Ashland offers technologies to address these trends: 

  • multisensory experience – beyond clean
  • good for me – healthy mind & body/skin
  • good for the planet & society – ethical and sustainable

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ingredients for multisensory experience benefits

  • benecel ™ HPMC – efficient rheology modifiers naturally-derived from cellulose that improve foam quality for a better sensory experience
  • captivates™ GL and HC encapsulates – experience enhancing biodegradable encapsulates that provide sensory cues: color change technology, a fragrance burst or exfoliation burst on application
  • n-hance™ SP-100 conditioning polymer – conditioning polymer with excellent fragrance retention on skin from a rinse off system


  • lemon meringue scrub - formula #100-10133C


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ingredients for good for me benefits

  • prolipid™ lamellar gels - nature-derived, biodegradable lamellar gel that mimics stratum corneum lipids, moisturizes, reinforces the skin barrier, and can deliver actives from a rinse off system
  • ceraphyl™ RMT esters - nature-derived emollient ester that offers clinically proven moisturization in rinse-off product
  • aqualon™ CMC – nature-derived cellulosic rheology modifier and film former


  • urban renewal cleansing balm - formula #100-10158
  • micellar rosewater - formula #100-10154
  • get chill bodywash for men - formula #500-10014


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ingredients for good for planet & society benefits

  • n-hance™ conditioning polymers – nature-derived, biodegradable and responsibly sourced cationic polymers that provide effective conditioning and deposition from rinse-off systems
  • puraloe™ aloe vera – high purity, COSMOS-validated, biodegradable, traceable, organically and responsibly sourced from field-to-market, Fair for Life certified aloe vera


  • gentle face cleanser - formula #500-10013



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