rosaliss™ biofunctional

chemistry: Biofunctionals

haute couture for your skin

A rose of “100 petals” extract obtained by plant small RNA technology (PSR™) for flawless skin self-repair & healthy perfection

key benefits:

  • a 100% natural extract from Rosa Centifolia flower, sourced locally in Provence offering significant reductions in the environmental footprint by manufacturing Rosaliss™
  • an ancient & legendary flower of “eternal beauty”
  • the rose of famous perfume Chanel n°5, true perfumery heritage, symbol of women elegance & femininity
  • an outstanding efficacy using the proprietary & patented plant small RNA Technology, with a natural and sustainable profile
  • inspired by research in regenerative medicine and the amphibian, the axolotl, model for unlimited regeneration and scar-free healing
  • associated with an increase in skin’s capital to self-repair and protection of microbiome from sun damage




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sustainability features

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