who has a tool for creation? we do.

Captivates™ encapsulates offer the ability to create dynamic, engaging and alluring formulations for skin, hair, oral and home care to deliver captivating consumer experiences. 

nature is at our core

With consumers increasingly choosing products with ingredients that originate in nature and degrade in the environment, Captivates™ encapsulates deliver sustainable formulations for personal and home care. Ashland offers two different encapsulation technologies, Captivates™ GL and Captivates™ HC encapsulates

PHC21 HC heading.jpg

a series of core-shell materials with that contain a range of active ingredients in an inner phase surrounded by a biodegradable shell

PHC21 GL heading.jpg

a series of small particles that contain material dispersed in a continuous natural matrix

why create with Captivates™ encapsulates?

Ashland has a customizable kit of market-ready hair care regimes for today’s key needs. 

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visually unique
Adding Captivates™ encapsulates creates striking visual effects that attract consumers, provide visual cues and differentiate formulations in the market.

  color change
When filled with pigments, Captivates™ GL encapsulates can be used as a dynamic color release system. As the product is used, the encapsulates are broken and the colorants are released to give either a surprise color explosion or a timing signal for how long the product should be applied.
PHC21 foliate.jpg   PHC21 fragrance.jpg
texture change
Captivates™ GL encapsulates can be packed with natural particles that are released in use to create exfoliation and change the texture of the product.
  flavor and fragrance sensations
Captivates™ HC encapsulates can be used to encapsulate flavors and fragrances. These core and shell encapsulates are designed to break on application to provide a unique and exciting flavor or fragrance release

sustainability credentials description

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