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total defense with Ashland solutions

Ashland offers a total defense package with ingredients for air pollution protection, light spectrum protection, and skin repair.  The total defense formula ritual offers consumers comprehensive environmental protection and repair.   

Total Defense ingredients for broader protection

Defend against environmental damage while maintaining skin balance with Ashland solutions.

pc total defense2 - poll protection.jpg  pc total defense2 -  lt spectrum poll.jpg pc total defense2 - oxidation prot.jpg
pc total defense2 - hydration prot.jpg pc total defense2 - microbiome prot.jpg  


 Total Defense formula ritual 

pc total defense2 - morning.jpg

  • gentle cleanser
  • city ready daytime moisturizer SPF 30
  • city ready body mousse




pc total defense2 - mid day.jpg

  • ready SET go mist
  • micellar rosewater





pc total defense2 - night.jpg

  • urban renewal cleansing balm
  • replenishing dream cream








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