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In these times of COVID, consumers are washing hands and using hand sanitizers more often. During the pandemic, the top prevention recommendation by major health organizations around the world is to wash hands frequently and thoroughly.  In line with these recommendations, consumers are washing their hands and using hand sanitizers more often.”

Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing can have a drying effect on the hands, as they can compromise the skin barrier. Milder, moisturizing hand soaps can help, although hands often need hand care products that can help to repair the skin barrier and hydrate hands. Hand care products that nourish, refortify and restore the skin are in demand as deleterious effects of frequent washing and sanitizing take their toll.

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hand cleansing

Beyond cleansing, skin care for hands will become even more important due to frequent handwashing.  Consumers will be looking for solutions that offer moisturization and mildness.
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hand sanitizer

When soap and water are not available, hand sanitizers are a convenient option to reduce the number of active microbes on hands. The choice of rheology modifiers is important as it influences the sensory experience, ease of application, and delivery of actives, all of which encourage product use for healthier hands. 
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hand hydration

Right now consumers are washing their hands more often and using more hand sanitizers. The combination of frequent handwashing and sanitizer use dries hands out. Keeping hands hydrated is important and Ashland has a number of solutions that address skin hydration needs.
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