filmQA pro™ treatment plan reader add-on

Treatment Plan Reader are used to plan data consisting of an image, dose scaling range and isocenter data. The available dose reader types are offered when opening an image using the “Open treatment plan” option as shown below.

Screenshot showing how to select 'Open treatment plan'.

Available Implementations

  • BrainLab - Brainlab AG proprietary image and data format - text based (ASCII).
  • Pinnacle - Philips Pinnacle proprietary image and data format - dual file, text based (ASCII).
  • TomoTherapy - Accuray TomoTherapy Treatment Planning System proprietary image and data format - dual file, binary and text based (ASCII).

Other treatment plan reader types are available.

Add-On Interface

Interface Source


Name space




Base class


Interface elements:




Reads treatment plan from specified file






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