filmQA pro™ tool add-on

Tools are used to edit, modify and view data of “Treatment Objects”. The available tool types are Treatment Object specific and offered in each of the treatment case tree nodes as shown below.

Screenshot showing available tool types.


  • Image viewer and editor - Standard tool for images to edit and view image data
  • Image comparer - Tool to compare two bitmaps with each other pixel by pixel (value by value).
  • Calibration tool - Correlates and edit calibration data.
  • Image fusion - Tool to perform basic arithmetic with images

Other tool types are available.

Add-On Interface

Interface Source AdMatFilmQaWinCtrl.dll
Name space FilmQaWinCtrl
Interface ITreatmentObjectContainerClientWinCtrl
Base class BaseControlTreatmentObjectContainerClient
Interface elements:  
  TreatmentCase Treatment case object
  TreatmentCaseChange Event occurs when treatment case has changed





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