Ashland internship program

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about this internship
This internship program is for a period of 6 months that has commenced in January 2023.
Andy Lee, Regional Business Director, for Personal Care & household, and together with his team, will be mentoring Jing Lin.

about our intern Ms. Teo Jing Lin

  • Student from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) and will be graduating this July.
  • Faculty:  Bachelor of Biological Sciences
  • Hobbies & interest:  “One thing I likes to do is to cycle and enjoy the nature breeze. It helps to relief stress and always makes me feel so at ease.  I also love to cook, watch food-related videos/reels and explore places with good food. My favorite cuisine is Japanese!”

statement from Jing Lin:  Currently, I am interested in doing a marketing role in the chemistry industry. I am fortunate to have gotten the role of a technical trainee in Ashland’s personal care department as I have a great interest for beauty and skincare. Through this internship, I hope I would be able to gain valuable insights on products and ingredients that are beneficial for the skin and hair. I would also love to discover more about the company’s structure and culture and the way Ashland conducts its business. Lastly, I hope to have a good and memorable time with everyone here!

NTU  activites

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about this internship:

  • This internship program was for a period of 3 months, from May to August 2022
  • Siew Yun was mentored by Andy Lee, Regional Business Director, for Personal Care & Household, together with his team – Ms Lizbeth Tham and Ms. Gwendolyn Neoh

about our Intern

  • intern name:  Ms Chong Siew Yun
  • Student from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Bachelor of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (Honours)
  • graduating in August 2023
  • hobbies & interests:  Travelling, Sports (Netball, Badminton and Swimming), Photography, Café-hopping

highlights of some of the projects accomplished by intern:

  • competitive survey - social media present
  • rosaliss™ biofunctional short video
  • tabletop posters for Vietnam Beauty Planet
  • take-home booklet for Vietnam Beauty Planet
  • santalwood™ biofunctional video

statement from our intern:
"I believe that most of the things around us can be explained using Science and the reason I joined the Ashland STEM program is to learn how technologies can be used in the personal care industry"
from Siew Yun

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