benecel™ a4m methylcellulose

chemistry: cellulosics

chemical name: methylcellulose

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Benecel™ methylcellulose (mc) performs many functions, depending on the type, grade, use level and conditions. Among these functions are film formation, thickening, binding and water retention. The polymeric structure of these products, which is different from other cellulosics, improves cohesion and texture. Small amounts of Benecel™ MC can significantly enhance emulsion stability as well. 

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features and benefits
  • used to thicken, bind and retain water; emulsify; suspend particulates; and form films
  • soluble in cold water and some mixed solvents; insoluble in hot water due to thermal gelation
  • supplied as a white to off-white, free-flowing powder

  • viscosifier
  • suspending agent
  • stabilizer
  • film former
  • rheology modifier

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