klucel nutra™ modified cellulose

premium tablet binders for nutritional supplements

Klucel nutra™ modified cellulose (hpc) has been the gold standard tablet binder for tough formulations, providing superior tablet hardness with low friability, which greatly reduces tablet chipping during the manufacturing process and reduces tablet damage during shipping.

Klucel nutra™ modified cellulose is often used to enhance the robustness of formulations at use levels of 1-4%.

Ashland offers the following tablet binders for nutritional and dietary supplements:

  • klucel nutra™ u modified cellulose ultra-fine particle size
  • klucel nutra™ d modified cellulose for direct compression
  • klucel nutra™ w modified cellulose for wet granulation

features and benefits 

  • exceptional plasticity and toughness
  • outstanding compressibility
  • enables reduced tablet size
  • withstand greater breaking forces
  • low friability at low use levels
  • save cost through improved yield and reduced additives
  • excellent performance for both direct compression and wet granulation

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klucel nutra™ modified cellulose product grades:

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