klucel nutra™ u modified cellulose

chemistry: cellulosics

chemical name: hydroxypropylcellulose

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Klucel Nutra™ U modified cellulose is an ultra-fine particle size cellulose ether, with dual solubility in aqueous solutions below 38°C and many polar organic solvents including ethanol, for use as a tablet binder in nutritional supplements. It is an ultra-effective tablet binder used in dry granulation and direct compression tableting processes to provide formulation reliability, tablet robustness and efficiency. Klucel Nutra™ has historically been the gold standard tablet binder for tough formulations yielding premier tablet hardness and friability in a number of dietary supplement applications.

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features and benefits
  • robust tablet hardness and low friability with efficient usage levels
  • excellent tablet strength and friability with poorly compressible active ingredients
  • smaller, easier-to-swallow tablets with binder usage levels as low as 1% to 2%
  • production cost savings through batch yield increase and lower tablet defects

  • tablet binding

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