natrathix™ bio cellulose


Synthetic polymers have traditionally been used to modify rheology and stabilize skin care emulsions with appealing aesthetics, making it difficult to create the natural, sustainable formulations consumers want. Existing natural rheology modifiers typically have very poor aesthetics.

Committed to sustainable innovation, Ashland introduces natrathix™ bio cellulose, a nature-derived, biodegradable thickener with suspension capabilities that maintains emulsion stability of skin and sun care formulations while delivering a desirable skin feel. Developed through our market leading expertise in sustainably sourced cellulosics¹ and rheology modification, natrathix™ bio enables the creation of more natural skin care creams, lotions and gels, including organic and inorganic sunscreen formulations, with the texture, skin feel and sustainability that consumers demand.

sustainability highlights

  • nature-derived (over 84% natural origin content according to ISO 16128 -2:2017)
  • readily biodegradable
  • COSMOS-validation
  • non-GMO
  • vegan suitable
  • clean INCI
  • sustainably sourced: wood-based cellulose from FSC and PEFC-certified suppliers1 with zero deforestation practices

key applications benefits

  • delivers thickening and suspension
  • effective thickening; enables clear formulations
  • suspension capabilities
  • stabilizes emulsions
  • improved aesthetics vs most common natural thickener
  • provides formulation versatility
  • electrolyte and minerals tolerant
  • effective across wide pH range (4-8)
  • no neutralization required
  • cold processible
  • compatible with other nature-derived polymers

¹suppliers have made commitments to utilize standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and/or Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).



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