agrimer™ AT and ATF crosslinked polymers

chemistry: crosslinked PVP polymers

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Agrimer™ AT polymer is a cross-linked Agrimer™ PVP polymer that absorbs and swells with water or other solvent but is insoluble in aqueous and organic media. Agrimer™ AT polymer has high capillary hydration capacity that provides high efficiency disintegration in tablets and granules. Agrimer™ ATF polymer is a version with a finer particle size. Both products are stable under acidic and alkaline conditions and excellent dry binders.


  • produces hard granules with low friability at low compression forces, reducing dusting and breakage during transport and storage
  • effective as sequestrant for some toxicants
  • complex with phenolic acids moieties
  • maintains seed moisture and enhances germination in seed coatings
  • quick disintegration upon addition to the spray tank or dissolved in water
  • inherent binder properties and compatible with most co-formulants
  • not tacky under humid conditions
  • does not form gels

suggested applications

  • disintegrants for water dispersible granules (wdg) and tablets
  • wet granulation, dry compaction, fluids
  • bed, spray drying and extrusion processes
  • seed tapes
  • dye binding in seed coatings



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