Webinar: Create extreme hair styles with a resistant hold


Feb 26, 2019

Consumers desire styling products that can deliver multifunctional benefits to meet their hairstyle needs. For those looking to sculpt their hair into extreme styles, they desire strong, durable hold that will keep their hair frizz-free and style in place even in humid conditions. Others looking to embrace their hair’s natural texture seek for products that banish frizz and define their waves and curly locks. AquaStyle 300 N (INCI: Polyquaternium-69) is the perfect solution to create styles that last all day. This multifunctional fixative and styling polymer was designed to create extreme styles with resistant hold and style durability. Perfect for gels, creams, mousses and textured stylers, AquaStyle 300 N can be applied to wet or dry hair to create your desired styling effects while protecting your hair from the elements. Its film properties help deliver a brilliant shine and control frizz on hair while creating a barrier to shield against the effects of urban living.

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Silke Langer
Global Marketing Manager, Hair Care

Ray Rigoletto
Senior Manager, Global R&D Hair Styling Applications