Diversity & Inclusion – Employee Networking Groups

In recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion, we are committed to actively creating a collaborative environment of innovation that leverages the talents of a diverse, global workforce to drive a sustainable, competitive advantage that will help Ashland grow and prosper for decades to come.
Employee networking groups provide members with a forum to communicate and exchange ideas, build a network of relationships across the company, and pursue personal and professional development. These company-wide groups, initiated by our employees and supported by the company, have a core membership of colleagues who share a common cultural heritage, race, gender or interest. However membership in any employee networking group is open to all employees.

Employee networking groups help strengthen our culture by:

creating learning opportunities for Ashland employees at all levels;

assisting with employee recruitment and retention;

acting as a catalyst to accelerate the pace of change and cultivate an inclusive atmosphere, and

improving teamwork and interaction within and across work groups.

Ashland's current employee networking groups are the Ashland Women's International Network (AWIN) and the African-American Leadership Network (AALN). These groups were started in August 2011 and other groups will be added based on employee interest.

Ashland Women’s International Network

Mission: To foster a collaborative working environment that contributes to the professional and personal development of women at Ashland. The group seeks to heighten awareness and address the unique business needs of women at Ashland, which contributes to our core values and supports our goal of inclusion by attracting, retaining and motivating a diverse workforce.

Ashland African American Leadership Network

Mission: To advance an inclusive and supportive work environment that promotes the sharing of information and resources, provides professional and personal development for diverse employees, and develops and/or supports existing strategies that contribute to and complement Ashland’s global diversity and inclusion efforts.