foundation stick SPF 40

formula #: 300-10024
material #: 933045


this oil-free long wear anhydrous foundation stick can be usedas stand-alone, buildable coverage or for quick touch ups.The combinationof Antaron™/Ganex™polymers in this sttickimproves the wear,coor richness and feel during application.The foundation spreads easily on the skin without imparting a heavy feel because of the Ceraphyl

Antaron™ (Ganex™) V-220F polymer
Antaron™ (Ganex™) WP-660 polymer
Ceraphyl™ 230 ester
Ceraphyl™ 368 ester
Ceraphyl™ 375 ester
Ceraphyl™ 424 ester
Ceraphyl™ 55 ester
Escalol™ HMS UV filter

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