At Ashland, we believe sustainability is vital to our planet for the health and wellbeing of future generations. Natural and biodegradable ingredients thereby play an imperative role. We support consumers in making ethical choices, reducing environmental footprint, and enhancing the quality of life within our communities while ensuring the long-term sustainability of personal care products.
The natural movement continues to drive consumer buying habits, so it’s no surprise that marketers also harbor a preference for all things green.
Sensiva™ go natural multifunctional is a 100% natural blend. Based on carefully selected ingredients, sensiva™ go natural multifunctional inheres full-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy while being gentle to the skin.
With effisin™ cg natural multifunctional and effisin™ pg natural multifunctional, Ashland offers the two most important 1,2-diols available on the market based on a 100% natural feedstock – antimicrobial efficacy, moisturizing, and skin benefits in one product.
Looking for a natural bactericide to boost performance? Then effisin™ la natural multifunctional is your cost effective go-to product with COSMOS validation.